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Renewable Energy Directive

Policy Isssue

Renewable Energy Directive

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On 14 July 2021, the European Commission published a proposal for a recast Renewable Energy Directive (RED). The Council and Parliament adopted their negotiating positions in the summer of 2022. An interinstitutional agreement was found in March 2023, aiming to boost renewable energy shares at EU level to 42.5% by 2030.

The agreement also sets an indicative target of at least a 49% renewable energy share in buildings in 2030 and mandates a binding increase in renewables for heating and cooling of 0.8% per year until 2026 and 1.1% from 2026 to 2030.

The Council formally endorsed the final text on 16 June 2023. The Parliament should approve the agreement in September 2023. The recast RED will then be published and enter into force after the summer of 2023, after which it must be transposed into national law by the Member States.

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21 November 2022
On 14 November, the European Parliament’s ITRE committee voted on parts of the reform on the Renewable Energy Directive.
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04 October 2022
The European Commission is starting a new package of legal actions against Member States for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law. The RED, EPBD, and EED are among the legislation not fully transposed by certain Member States....
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14 September 2022
Eurovent received a leaked version of the Commission’s proposal for a Cyber Resilience Act. The content might change by September 13, which is the official publication date of the proposal.The European Parliament plenary session will debate the report from the ITRE Commi...
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13 July 2022
After quite a substantial delay, the European Commission, and their contracted consultants from Trinomics, Oeko-Institut, and DTU, finalised and officially published the ‘Policy support for heating and cooling decarbonisation’ study....
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09 July 2022
Last week, the energy ministers adopted the Council’s negotiating position on the Renewable Energy Directive based on the compromise texts prepared by the French Presidency.
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01 March 2022
The draft report from the lead European Parliament ITRE Committee and the draft Council amendments on the European Commission’s revision proposal on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) are now available.
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14 February 2022
According to Eurostat, the share of renewable energy used for heating and cooling in 2020 in the EU reached 23%. That is up from 22% in 2019 and up from 12% in 2004 when the Eurostat dataset starts.
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08 November 2021
Draft delegated Regulation amending Annex VII of Directive (EU) 2018/2001 regards a methodology for calculating the amount of renewable energy used for cooling and district cooling out for consultation until 25 November 2021.
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