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Market Intelligence Programme

Residential Ventilation

Market Intelligence Programme

Residential Ventilation



Single flow CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation): technical equipment that uses fans to suck in and blow air into a dwelling.
Double flow CMV DEFINITION: (only full RHRVU to be accounted, not RHRV sections; in-flow unit and out-flow unit are one unit).
A double wall casing with at least a filter, a fan, a heat recovery, and a temperature-controlling component delivering air to the building from 0 to 1000m3/h.
Only ducted units should be included in the collection.

A residential RHRV unit means a ventilation unit where:
1- the maximum flow rate does not exceed 250 m3/h;
2- the maximum flow rate is between 250 and 1 000 m3/h, and the manufacturer declares its intended use as being exclusively for a residential ventilation application.

Collection details

Recently re-launched in 2023, data collections are organised annually.

The data provides information on the type of product (single flow and double flow) including sub-splits for double flow units by capacity, heat recovery type (crossflow, counterflow, rotary), mounting type (horizontal, vertical, suspended), and also other details such as the share of units with a heat pump/compressor, a coil (water or DX), an electric re-heater.

The data is collected for the year Y and the previous year Y-1, both in units and euro.

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