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Market Intelligence Programme

Pool Applications

Market Intelligence Programme

Pool Applications

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Pool Dehumidifier: Specific units for the air treatment and the management of temperature and hygrothermic conditions in the swimming pools.

Pool Heat Pump: Heat pump used to heat swimming pools, transferring heat from the outside into the water.

Collection details

Collection updated in 2022

Previously called ‘Pool Dehumidifiers’, this collection is updated to expand its scope. Starting from 2022, the data collection includes Pool Dehumidifiers and Pool Heat Pumps with detailed splits. 

Data collections are organised annually.

The data for pool dehumidifiers will be available in units with a split by single flow (ambiance, embedded, ducted) and double flow (below and above 7500m³/h); and the data for pool heat pumps will be available in units with a split by technology (on/off, inverter, full inverter) and by blowing type (horizontal/front blowing, vertical/top blowing, back discharge, side discharge).

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