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Market Intelligence Programme


Market Intelligence Programme


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(Liquid Chilling Packages)

A factory assembled unit of the self-contained type designed to cool liquid using a compressor, an evaporator and an integral condenser and appropriate controls.

Collection details

Data collections are organised annually and quarterly.

The annual collection started in 1997 and involves more than 30 manufacturers every year. It is the most complete programme of Eurovent Market Intelligence. The data is available in units with various very detailed splits.

There are 3 main splits:

  • By technology (rotary, centrifugal, absorption)
  • By application (water, brine, air, cooling only, heating only, reversible, ducted/non-ducted, etc.)
  • By capacity range (expressed in kW)

The types of refrigerant are collected as well.

By decision of the Market Intelligence Committee, starting from 2021, the annual data collection of the Chillers programme have been be conducted in flat data form.

The quarterly collection is as accurate as the annual one, however, it concerns a smaller number of countries and lesser participants in the constant panel. It allows to survey almost in real time the exact evolution of the market.

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