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Review F-Gas Regulation (GEN – 1229.00)

29 April 2021

3 min read
European Policy

Review F-Gas Regulation (GEN – 1229.00)

29 April 2021

3 min read

GEN – 1229.00. From 29 June to 07 September 2020, the Commission asked for feedback on its inception impact assessment relating to the F-Gas Regulation. This was followed by a public consultation between 15 September and 29 December 2020. Eurovent provided via the Task Force F-Gas its input. On 26 April, EPEE invited associations to a gathering where the Commission and the UK authorities would provide insight into the developments.

Stakeholder meeting 6 May 2021

A consortium led by Öko-Recherche, involving Ricardo and Öko-Institute is supporting supports the Commission’s drafting of both an evaluation of the Regulation (EC) No 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and an impact assessment for amending the Regulation. It may be noted that the drafting of the evaluation and the impact assessment will be done almost simultaneously.

EPEE F-Gas industry gathering

To prepare the meeting of 6 May, EPEE invited DG Clima to get additional insight into the F-Gas review process. The UK DEFRA was invited to provide an update on the F-Gas legislation and possible evolutions in the UK, where it is a devolved competence.

EU situation update by Ms Bente Tranholm-Schwarz

Ms Tranholm-Schwarz indicated that industry should not feel disappointed after the 6 May workshop.

The Commission and the consultants are working on a combined evaluation and impact analysis.

After this they will look at options in the impact assessment. When the results of the different impact assessments become available the idea is to develop a more or less final Impact Assessment by October 2021. The final Impact Assessment would then be discussed within the Inter-Services Consultation (ISC) and the objective is to have a proposal for the revision available still in 2021.

Up to now progress has been made thanks to the input to the Inception Impact Assessment and responses received during the Public Consultation.

Basically, the Commission is working to four objectives: raising the ambition level in the Green Deal, align with the Montreal Protocol, improve control on the implementation and clarification of various items. AT the same time alignment with the 2030 Targets and 2050 Climate Neutrality objectives will be sought.

On 6 May the initial result of the analysis will be presented together with some results of the impact assessment. However, there are many gaps that still need to be covered to allow a better analysis of the impacts. For this reason, a briefing paper with options would be circulated before 6 May. Many options may not end up in the final proposal.

Because DG Clima and the consultants are under time pressure, industry would be given a very short time to comment and to supply quantitative data that can support the modelling work by DG Clima. Today the information is not sufficient data available to model options for future phase down steps.

The delay providing additional data could be much less than the usual 2 to 4 weeks.

For industry there will be few or no opportunities to support the review exercise during the summer period (June-September) as DG Clima indicate this would a closed process.

In response to questions DG Clima indicated that it is following the PFAS discussion closely. Regarding the extension of the F-Gas Regulation to alternative gases with regards to training and certification requirements, leakage reduction… DG Clima indicated it is looking into this but must be careful not to overstep the legal basis of the Regulation. There might be some extensions

UK situation

For ease not covered in these notes.

Discussion among industry

Because the legislative proposal would become available by end 2021 or early 2022 it may already be necessary to set up a gathering of industry to identify the DGs that would be involved in the Inter-Services Consultation.

Core elements are:

  • There is no time available to provide meaningful inputs at short notice (because it is not yet possible to evaluate the consequences of the recently introduced 2030 55% reduction target)
  • There is an urgent need to compare the F-Gas Regulation with the Kigali requirements to see at which level the F-Gas regulation fits with the Kigali requirements, and if on that basis a strengthening of the F-Gas regulation would be required
  • An extension of F-Gas requirements (training, certification, leakage, etc.) to alternative gases could make sense
  • The deployment of heat pumps to support decarbonisation should be highlighted
  • National (fire) safety standards may hinder the roll out of energy efficient equipment

Recommended actions

When the Briefing Paper becomes available, it will be circulated to the Eurovent Task Force ‘F-Gas’ (TF-FGAS) and the concerned Eurovent Product Groups.

It is recommended that TF-FGAS accompanies the meetings of the EPEE F-Gas Industry Gathering, collecting input from the Product Groups before participating to the gatherings.

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