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Notifications – Standardisation – October 2016 (GEN – 729.00)

18 November 2016

6 min read
Fan Coil

Notifications – Standardisation – October 2016 (GEN – 729.00)

18 November 2016

6 min read


GEN – 729.00. The application of the 2015/1535/EU (previously Directive 98/34/EC Directive) has also been extended to new standardisation work undertaken by National Standard Bodies (AENOR, AFNOR, DIN, UNI…) at national level. These notifications are registered centrally by the CEN Management Centre and a “Monthly Notifications Register” is circulated in English to the CEN Members and the European Commission. The National Standard Body generally provides the relevant associations with a copy of these updates.

The October 2016 “Monthly Notifications Register” included the following:

Country: Italy

National Ref: UNI1602194

Title:  Metallic systems for the evacuation of combustion products connected to heating appliances powered by liquid or solid fuel – Criteria for the selection according to the intended use and product designation

Scope: The technical specification provides the criteria for the selection of metallic systems for the

evacuation of combustion products connected to heating appliances powered by liquid or solid fuel, in order to ensure that they correctly match the considered heating appliance, on the basis of the installation layout and of the product designation, according to UNI EN 1443 and to the other relevant European standards (UNI EN 1856-1 and UNI EN 1856-2). The technical specification applies to metal chimneys, connecting flue pipes, flue liners, fittings and flue ducts for relining.

National : REV/AMD UNI/TS 11278:2008

Country: Estonia

National Ref: prEVS 860-5

Title: Thermal insulation of technical equipment – Part 5: Insulation of pipes, vessels and equipment – Dimensioning

Scope: This standard describes dimensioning of thermal insulation of pipes, vessels and equipment.

Country: Italy

National Ref : UNI1602299

Title: Non-regulated professions – Radiant low temperature hydronic radiant systems installers. Knowledge, skill and competence requirements

Scope: This standard defines the requirements for knowledge, skills and competence for installers

of radiant systems of low temperature hydronic radiant (floor, wall and ceiling systems) combined with control strategies, dehumidification systems and mechanical ventilations systems.

These requirements are specified, with the specific tasks and activities identified, in terms of  knowledge, skills and competence according to the EQF (European Qualifications Framework- EQF) and are expressed in order to make the evaluation and validation processes of learning outcomes easier

Country: Netherlands

National Ref : NEN 2699:2016 Concept nl

Title: Investment and operating costs of property – Terminology and classification

Scope: This standard gives a classification of working costs and life cycle costing of buildings of real estate, that is: areas, buildings wih sites. Boats and mobile homes are not included.

Relatedness :

Country: Spain Latest Date for Comments : 2016-12-06

Project ID: P0046710/0001 Draft for public enquiry

National Ref: PNE 1063

Title: Identification of pipelines according to the fluid conveyed

Scope: This standard specifies the identification of pipelines in aboveground installations according to the fluid conveyed. The identification of piping systems on ships and marine installations as specified in ISO 14726, as well as pipeline identification specifications for other applications are not dealt with in this standard.

A clear identification of pipelines according to the fluid conveyed is essential for ensuring safety, correct maintenance operations, and effective firefighting, and is intended to bring attention to hazards in order to avoid accidents and damage to health.

National: REV/AMD UNE 1063:2000

European: Modified DIN 2403:2014

Country: Italy

National Ref: UNI1602261

Title: Guideline to description of distribution and retail models end processes. Requirements of

models. Part 3: Food-products assisted sales

Scope: Guide-line to a description of Food-products assisted sales, as to be practiced in Italy and

other European countries, in terms of adopted organization models and relevant processes. Proposal of a standard glossary. Definition of criteria and procedures to adopt in guide-line documents reviewing and updating.

Country: Portugal Latest Date for was: 2016-10-15

National Ref : prDNP Guia 5

Title: Identification of fluid piping in refrigeration plants

Scope: This Technical Guide is intended to provide the professionals of the industrial sectors of

refrigeration and air conditioning, from the design phase till the commissioning of the work to the final customer, with useful information enabling at a glance the recognition of the refrigerants and other fluids used in the systems; at the same time to identify their states – liquid or vapour, hot or cold, and the direction of the flowing. It also presents the colour system to be used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems describing and stating its characteristics and the scope of the application. For various applications it presents also the possible types of inscriptions, relative sizes of labels or signals, in general conditions of application. It gives also the information about the correct application of the colours to the pipe system in each different installation, providing a complete information and the immediate identification of the flowing fluid in any part of the system. This Technical Guide

is not applicable to flexible tubing/piping

Country: Spain Latest Date for Comments was: 2016-11-14

National Ref: PNE 100030

Title: Guidelines for prevention and control of proliferation and spread of Legionella in facilities

Scope: This standard provides guidelines and criteria for the prevention and control of multiplication and spread of Legionella bacteria from certain facilities and equipment in order to minimize the risk of disease caused by these microorganisms.

It applies to facilities that use water in their operation, produce aerosols and are located inside or outside buildings, industrial facilities or conveyances that may be susceptible to becoming hotbeds for the spread of the disease, during operation, testing or maintenance service. Sanitary facilities are outside the scope of this standard, with the exceptions detailed in 6.15.

Technical Regulations

The 2015/1535/EU Directive compels the Member States to notify to the Commission and to each other all the draft technical regulations concerning products. The aim of this procedure is to avoid creation of unjustified barriers between Member States. These regulations may be found under:


Member States have 3 months to introduce comments or detailed opinions. Detailed opinions extend the status quo period with 3 months and oblige the issuing member state to argue or their legislation.

Please note that the website has been updated with new search facilities.

http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/at.png  Austria


Special scheme entitled ‘Conserving energy by replacing boilers and insulating the top floor ceiling’



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/fi.png  Finland


Decree of the Ministry of the Environment amending the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on improving the energy efficiency of buildings in conjunction with repair and modification works



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/ie.png  Ireland


1. Draft Building Regulations (Part L Amendment) Regulations 2016; and 2. Draft Technical Guidance Document L – Conservation of Fuel and Energy – Dwellings (2016)



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/no.png  Norway


Proposal for Regulations on Technical Requirements for Building Works



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/se.png  Sweden


Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency regulations concerning tanks with ancillary piping for flammable liquids



WTO TBT notifications

The notifications worldwide under WTO can be consulted on:



They are can also be consulted via the European Commission website


Experience shows that not all WTO notifications appear on the EU website.

G/TBT/N/USA/552  Add.1  Rev.1

Revision 1 Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products: Test Procedure for Residential Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps



G/TBT/N/USA/1215  Add.1

Addendum 1  Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Miscellaneous Refrigeration Products



G/TBT/N/USA/1216  Add.1

Addendum 1 Use of ozone-depleting substances




 Use of Ozone-Depleting Substances (5 pages, in English)




 Use of Ozone-Depleting Substances (5 pages, in English)



G/TBT/N/USA/1045  Add.1  Corr.1

Corrigendum 1 Energy labelling





 Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Miscellaneous Refrigeration Products (13 pages, in English)




Requirements on Minimum Energy Performance Standard and Energy Efficiency Rating Labelling and Inspection of Dehumidifiers (3 pages, in English; 3 pages, in Chinese)



Enterprises can send their comments on regulatory proposals of non-EU countries either directly to the EU TBT Enquiry Point (DG GROW B2, tel +32 2 295 63 96, + 32 2 299 80 43, email GROW-EU-TBT@ec.europa.eu) or via the Enquiry points of Member States of the EU. The addresses and emails can be found here under “Contact“.

The EU TBT Enquiry Point should receive comments no later than three weeks before the final deadline set by the notifying WTO member in the notification form!  This is difficult to achieve because few companies monitor these notifications. Within Eurovent an effort is made to provide monthly updates, this than often results in a very short time (about a week) to respond as an association.

Companies are recommended to comment directly to the EU TBT Enquiry Point, in advance of a Eurovent comment to make sure the deadlines are met.

Content for opinion/comments

  • Identification of enterprise/association introducing comments

  • Reference to the notification

  • Description of the problem, .e.g. because the measure discriminates amongst foreign and national products, because it is overly burdensome to achieve the objective pursued.


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