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Notifications: Standardisation – May 2020 (GEN – 1117.00)

07 June 2020

3 min read

Notifications: Standardisation – May 2020 (GEN – 1117.00)

07 June 2020

3 min read

GEN – 1117.00. On a monthly basis, the Eurovent Team compiles a global overview of the latest developments concerning new standardisation activities and technical regulations of relevance for the HVACR industry. Our Notifications allow members to be prepared for developments that can have an impact on them and their products.


The application of the Directive 2015/1535/EU (previously Directive 98/34/EC) has also been extended to new standardisation work undertaken by National Standards Bodies (AENOR, AFNOR, DIN, UNI, etc.) at national level. These notifications are registered centrally by the CEN Management Centre. A ‘Monthly Notifications Register’ is circulated in English to CEN Members and the European Commission. The National Standard Body provides the relevant associations with a copy of these updates.

The May 2020 ‘Monthly Notifications Register’ included the following issues of relevance:

Country: Turkey
Project ID: t4010670/0001 Project
Title: Flexible Corrugated stainless Steel Tubes for Gas Burning Appliances (Up To 1,6 MPa)
Scope: This standard covers flexible corrugated tubes made of stainless steel for the connection of gas burning appliances operating with flammable gases (natural gas, air gas, LPG and mixed gas) with an operating pressure up to 1,6 MPa (16 bar).

Country: Switzerland
National Ref: prSIA 2061
Title: Battery storage systems in buildings

Country: Latvia
National Ref: prLVS 419
Title: Internal gas pipelines – installation
Scope: The standard defines regulations of design, installation, testing and commissioning of internal pipeline systems for natural gas in buildings of different use with maximal operation pressure 4 bar.

Country: France
National Ref: PR FD X43-551
Title: Stationary source emissions – Harmonisation of the standardised procedures in order to apply them simultaneously

Country: Poland
National Ref: prPN-Z-04438
Title: Air purity protection – Determination of 1,3-butadiene in workplaces by gas chromatography with flame-ionisation detection
Scope: This standard gives a method for the determination of 1,3-butadiene ( nr CAS: 106-99-0) in workplace air by gas chromatography with flame-ionisation detection. The method is applicable during control of the hygienic-sanitary conditions. The lowest concentration of 1,3-butadiene which can be determined by the method in the sampling and determination conditions specified in the standard is 0,22 mg/m3 (for air volume 4,5 l).

Technical Regulations

The 2015/1535/EU Directive compels the Member States to notify to the Commission and to each other all the draft technical regulations concerning products. The aim of this procedure is to avoid creation of unjustified barriers between Member States. Sometimes, these notifications appear quite late within the database. These regulations may be found under: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/

Interested parties (companies, associations, individuals) can send their comments directly to the European Commission, DG Growth, unit B2 ‘Prevention of technical barriers’. This should happen within 4 weeks of the publication of the notification so that DG Grow can study the issue and decide on action. The mail should be addressed to Mr Casella Giuseppe, Head of Unit).

The list with national contact points (incomplete and with regular changes) can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/growth/single-market/goods/free-movement-sectors/mutual-recognition/contacts-list_en.

The Commission and Member States have three months to introduce comments or detailed opinions.

Detailed opinions extend the status quo period by three months and oblige the issuing Member State to argue on their legislation and to explain the action that it intends to take in response to the detailed opinion.

In the case of comments, only a clarification on the interpretation of the notified text is required. The Member State concerned shall take comments into account as far as possible. The impact of comments is therefore limited.

It is to be noted that the Commission can block a draft for a period of 12 to 18 months if European Union harmonisation work is to be undertaken or is already underway in the same field.

Very few notifications related to the HVACR industry appeared in May.




Reception date

Standstill end date



Draft Act amending the Vienna Building Code





Draft Royal Decree adopting the Regulation on pressure equipment and the supplementary technical instructions thereof.




WTO TBT notifications

The notifications worldwide under the World Trade Organisation (WTO) can be consulted on:

They can also be consulted via the European Commission website:

Experience shows that not all WTO notifications appear on the EU website. The following new, updated or corrected notifications were made available:






end date


SI 994 part 1 – Air conditioners: Safety and operational requirements (240 page(s)




Legal Notice No. 78 of 28th April 2020, The Standards (Verification of Conformity to Standards and other applicable regulations)




Technical Regulation on ‘appliances burning gaseous fuels’




Recommended Actions

Manufacturers that produce these products or active in these countries are recommended to check the contents of these proposals.

If necessary, the Eurovent Association can react or file a WTO complaint.

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