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Notifications – Standardisation – February 2017 (GEN – 757.00)

20 March 2017

6 min read
2015-11 - EuroventHQ

Notifications – Standardisation – February 2017 (GEN – 757.00)

20 March 2017

6 min read


GEN – 757.00. The application of the 2015/1535/EU (previously Directive 98/34/EC Directive) has also been extended to new standardisation work undertaken by National Standard Bodies (AENOR, AFNOR, DIN, UNI…) at national level. These notifications are registered centrally by the CEN Management Centre and a “Monthly Notifications Register” is circulated in English to the CEN Members and the European Commission. The National Standard Body generally provides the relevant associations with a copy of these updates.

Country: Norway

National Ref: NS 5835

Title: Societal security – Protection against intentional undesirable actions – Protecting confidential information in construction projects

Scope: The standard describes the recommended methods of protecting confidential information in construction projects

Country: Greece

National Ref: ΕΛΟΤ ΤΠ

Title: Installation of steel boilers

Title: Installation of cast iron boilers

Title : Pressure relief valves

Title : Double orifice air relief valves


Title: Standard Practice for Calculating Sample Size to Estimate, With a Specified Tolerable Error, the Average for Characteristic of a Lot or Process

Scope : This practice covers simple methods for calculating how many units to include in a random sample in order to estimate with a specified precision, a measure of quality for all the units of a lot of material, or produced by a process. This practice will clearly indicate the sample size required to estimate the average value of some property or the fraction of nonconforming items produced by a production process during the time interval covered by the random sample. If the process is not in a state of statistical control, the result will not have predictive value for immediate (future) production. The practice treats the common situation where the sampling units can be considered to exhibit a single (overall) source of variability; it does not treat multi-level sources of variability.

National: New

International: Modified ASTME122:2009

Country: Austria

National Ref: ÖNORM M 2900

Title: Selection and installation of mounting systems in the construction engineering

Scope: This ÖNORM is a guideline to ensure the correct and approval compliant use and installation of fasteners (e.g. metal and composite anchors, plastic anchors, cartridge-fired bolts) in the construction engineering. This ÖNORMuse the basis for the application and installation of fasteners defined in the European Technical Assessment (ETA)/approvals.

Country: Italy

National Ref: UNI1602718

Title: Pressure equipment and assemblies: chemical, petrochemical and oil refinery furnaces design and fabrication

Scope: The standard applies to chemical, petrochemical and oil refinery furnaces at a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0,5 bar, included in the scope of the EU directive 2014/68/EU (PED). The standard provides directions and guidance for the design and production of such equipment in order to minimize the risks depending on pressure and temperature, as per the aforementioned directive. It also gives recommendations for monitoring and supervision during operation.

Country: Latvia

National Ref: prLVS 459

Title: Combustible gases. Gas properties, parameters, quality assessment

Scope: The standard defines requirements for combustible gases used in the public gas supply and sets out the key terms of supply, transportation and storage of combustible gas equipment and operation of combustible gas equipment or combustible gas for industrial applications, as well for the development, standardization and testing base.

Country: Netherlands

National Ref: NEN 5077:2017 Concept nl

Title: Noise control in buildings – Determination methods for performances concerning airborne

sound insulation of facades, airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation, sound levels caused by technical services and reverberant time

Scope: NEN 5077 gives determination methods for the performance of airborne sound insulation of facades of a space or a building; – the airborne sound insulation between spaces in a building or between spaces of two builings; – impact sound insulation between spaces in a building or between spaces of two buildings; – the sound levels in spaces of a building caused by working installations; – the reverberant time in a building.

Country: Austria

National Ref: ÖNORM M 7140

Title: Economic comparison calculation of energy systems based on dynamic calculation methods

Scope: The present Austrian Standard describes the cash value and extended annuity methods from the dynamic calculation method, granting the definite representation of the economic efficiency of the different energy systems in a specified manner and contains the definition of the national input and selection parameters for the calculation methods contained in ÖNORM EN 15459-1 Cost-effectiveness calculation for energy installations in buildings in accordance to the mandat of EU regulation 2010/31/EU.

Technical Regulations

The 2015/1535/EU Directive compels the Member States to notify to the Commission and to each other all the draft technical regulations concerning products. The aim of this procedure is to avoid creation of unjustified barriers between Member States. These regulations may be found under: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/

Member States have 3 months to introduce comments or detailed opinions. Detailed opinions extend the status quo period with 3 months and oblige the issuing member state to argue or their legislation.

Please note that of late translations may not always be available.

There have been no relevant notifications in the first weeks of January.

http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/at.png  Austria


[DE] Bundes-Abfallwirtschaftsplan 2017 [DE]



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/dk.png  Denmark


[DA] Forslag til lov om ændring af forskellige energiafgiftslove og lov om kuldioxidafgift af visse energiprodukter. [DA] (Immersion eheateheaters)



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/fr.png  France


[FR] Arrêté portant modification de dispositions du règlement de sécurité contre les risques d’incendie et de panique dans les établissements recevant du public [FR]



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/fi.png  Finland


[FI] Valtioneuvoston asetus rakennuksissa käytettävien energiamuotojen kertoimien lukuarvoista [FI]  Energy efficiency coefficients



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/fi.png  Finland


[FI] Ympäristöministeriön asetus uuden rakennuksen energiatehokkuudesta [FI]  Energy efficiency in buildings



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/nl.png  Netherlands


[NL] Regeling van de Minister van Economische Zaken tot wijziging van de Regeling gaskwaliteit in verband met enkele noodzakelijke verbeteringen en aanpassing [NL]



http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tris/en/includes/themes/TRIS_2015_HEROES_V1F/images/flags/nl.png  Netherlands


[NL] Regeling van de Staatssecretaris van Infrastructuur en Milieu tot wijziging van bijlage 10 van de Activiteitenregeling milieubeheer (invoering tweede lichting en correctie eerste lichting erkende maatregellijsten energiebesparing) [NL]



WTO TBT notifications

The notifications worldwide under WTO can be consulted on:



They are can also be consulted via the European Commission website: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/tbt/en/

Experience shows that not all WTO notifications appear on the EU website.


Draft ministerial decision for Energy Labelling and Minimum Energy Performance Requirements For Air-Conditioners. (2 pages, in Arabic)




Draft Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on indoor climate and ventilation in a new building (15 pages, in Finnish)




Draft Government Decree on the numerical values of coefficients for forms of energy used in buildings (1 page, in Finnish)




Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Energy Performance of a new Building (16 pages, in Finnish)



G/TBT/N/USA/1107  Add.1

Addendum 1  – Virginia building code



G/TBT/N/USA/1109  Add.1

Addendum 1 – Virginia fire safety code



G/TBT/N/USA/1110  Add.1

Addendum 1 – Industrialised buildings safety code



G/TBT/N/USA/1275  Add.1

Addendum 1 – Energy Efficiency Standards for the Design and Construction of New Federal Low-Rise Residential Buildings’ Baseline Standards Update



G/TBT/N/USA/1216  Add.2

Addendum 2 – Use of ozone depleting substances




Energy Efficiency Standards for the Design and Construction of New Federal Low-Rise Residential Buildings’ Baseline Standards Update (12 pages, in English)




PE No. 5/06/2 2017: Draft basic energy efficiency analysis and/or test protocol for electrical products (3 pages, in Spanish)




PE No. 5/02/1/2 2017: Draft basic energy efficiency analysis and/or test protocol for electrical products (4 pages, in Spanish)




PE No. 5/02/02/2 2017: Draft basic energy efficiency analysis and/or test protocol for electrical products (3 pages, in Spanish)




PE n° 5/17/2 2017, Proyecto de Protocolo Base de Análisis y/o Ensayos de Eficiencia Energética de Producto Eléctrico (PE No. 5/17/2 2017: Draft basic energy efficiency analysis and/or test protocol for electrical products) (5 pages, in Spanish)




PE No. 5/xx 2017: Draft basic safety analysis and/or test protocol for electrical products (10 pages, in Spanish)




 Draft of the Law on Standardization, Technical Regulation and Accreditation (15 pages, in Mongolian)



Enterprises can send their comments on regulatory proposals of non-EU countries either directly to the EU TBT Enquiry Point (DG GROW B2, tel +32 2 295 63 96, + 32 2 299 80 43, email GROW-EU-TBT@ec.europa.eu) or via the Enquiry points of Member States of the EU. The addresses and emails can be found here under “Contact“.

The EU TBT Enquiry Point should receive comments no later than three weeks before the final deadline set by the notifying WTO member in the notification form!  This is difficult to achieve because few companies monitor these notifications. Within Eurovent an effort is made to provide monthly updates, this than often results in a very short time (about a week) to respond as an association.

Companies are recommended to comment directly to the EU TBT Enquiry Point, in advance of a Eurovent comment to make sure the deadlines are met.

Content for opinion/comments

  • Identification of enterprise/association introducing comments

  • Reference to the notification

  • Description of the problem, e.g. because the measure discriminates amongst foreign and national products, because it is overly burdensome to achieve the objective pursued.


10 January 2022
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The Commission has published a non-binding FAQ document to provide guidance on how to disclose Taxonomy-eligible activities and assets.
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10 December 2021
  • General
A regulation supplementing the Taxonomy Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). It specifies how to disclose information according to corporate sustainability reporting requirements.
1 min read
10 December 2021
  • General
The first delegated act of the Taxonomy Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). It contains the Technical Screening Criteria (TSC) for the first two environmental objectives.
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20 October 2021
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The LIFE sub-programme Clean Energy Transition has issued a call for proposals that can qualify for grants. Three topics may be of interest to the HVACR industry. Around 30 partners are looking for collaboration to introduce a proposal by 12 January 2022....
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