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Further updates on European Registry for Energy Labelling (GEN – 838.00)

27 October 2017

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2017 - Energy Labelling

Further updates on European Registry for Energy Labelling (GEN – 838.00)

27 October 2017

2 min read

GEN – 838.00. For the second meeting, the European Commission brought Market Surveillance Authorities and stakeholders together to discuss the compliance part of the future EU product database. The objective is to get the database operational by 1 January 2019. A model to test the compliance part will already become available by the end of 2017. 

ECF Sub-group – Compliance, 24 October 2017


  • European Commission DG Energy: Tosoratti
  • European Commission DG Mobility: Guedes, Lammens, Miralles + 4 colleagues
  • Member States: AT, BE, CZ, DE (4,), FI, FR (2), IT, NL, PT, SW, UK (2)
  • Associations: BEUC, CECED (2), CENELEC, Digital Europe (2), ECOS, EHI (2), EPEE (2), Eurovent (2), Lighting Europe (3), Orgalime (2)

Meeting summary

The IT staff explained the EPREL assumptions (see GEN 838.01 and GEN 838.02) and the questions that were highlighted in there.

The European Commission intends to use the ICSMS system, it was a surprise that many Market Surveillance Authorities (MSA), including those from the large Member States are not using this system. The MSA present indicated that using the ICSMS would make sense and those that are not using it will investigate this. Verification of the ICSMS website shows it is not very much used for products manufactured by members of Eurovent.

The IT staff indicated that they had already progressed with the model for 14 out of 16 product categories. For space heaters, and for some other products, the question was submitted on how to deal with requirements due to the variations in gas quality in Member States. No clear answer was provided.

The stakeholders insisted very much on the security issues related to the database and the data that would be stored within the compliance part.

Comments can be provided to Tosoratti and Lammens until 14 November 2017.

Indicative list of availability of the database

  • End 2017 Model for compliance part available, manufacturers would be able to test this
  • March and June 2018 first and second iterations Compliance part database
  • April and September first and second iterations Public part database
  • September 2018 acceptance of the Compliance part
  • November 2018 start of registrations in both Compliance and Public parts of the database
  • January 2019 database operational

Recommended Actions

The latest information shows that rapid progress is made on the database. Once the model of the Compliance part becomes available, at the end of 2017, it is recommended that manufacturers of domestic air-conditioners (626/2011), residential ventilation (1254/2014), professional refrigeration (2015/1094), space and water heaters, including heat pumps (811/2013, 812/2013) start to test the application.

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