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Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) (GEN – 1200.00)

21 January 2021

2 min read

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) (GEN – 1200.00)

21 January 2021

2 min read

GEN – 1200.00. The objective of this study is to provide technical assistance to the European Commission services for the development and the dissemination of technical guidelines aimed to support an effective establishment and enforcement of the EPBD (EU 2018/844) articles relating to among others heating systems, air conditioning systems, ventilation and building automation controls systems.

Contents of the study

The study comprises the following six tasks:

  1. Review of TBS’ requirements (definition and enforcement in the EU Member States) and other relevant measures and initiatives, identification of good practices
  2. Identification and assessment of possible TBS’ requirements
  3. Possible approaches for enforcement of TBS’ requirements and assessment and documentation of system performance
  4. Technical guidelines for establishing and enforcing TBS’ requirements, and for system performance assessment and documentation
  5. Technical guidelines for an effective understanding of BACS’ capabilities under the EPBD
  6. Dissemination, including stakeholder consultation

Study team and planning

The study team is composed of VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Waide Strategic Efficiency Europe. The global international consultancy Guidehouse acts as a subcontractor.

The contract started on 13 July 2020 and will run until 12 September 2021. A stakeholder meeting would take place in March 2021. The contents of the website are limited.


Up to now there would be no link to HVACR product related Ecodesign regulations.

It may be noted that VITO was part of the consortium on Ecodesign study on lot 33 Smart appliances.  VITO and Waide Strategic Efficiency are involved in the Ecodesign study on lot 38 BACS and were also involved in the study on the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI).

It is difficult to forecast the outcome of this study and if it would recommend a harmonised approach across the 27 Member States. It is difficult to assess if the transposition of outcome of the study by the Member States would lead to further market fragmentation under the EPBD.

Recommended actions

The EPBD is transposed at the level of the Member States and therefore require follow up at national level, in particular if it would influence market access for products.

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