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Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Working Plan 2020-2024 (GEN – 1139.00)

16 July 2020

2 min read
2020 - Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Working Plan 2020-2024

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Working Plan 2020-2024 (GEN – 1139.00)

16 July 2020

2 min read

GEN – 1139.00. The European Commission and the Consortium presented the first Task reports of the Working Plan 2020-2024 The Working Plan 2020-2024 will act as a bridge for future ‘sustainable product policy initiative’. It may be noted that the Commission has told DG GROW to be ready with a ‘suitable working plan’ by October in case it would be needed.

Online stakeholder meeting

Due to time constraints of the Consortium (Öko-Recherche, VHK, Viegand), not all studied products (approx. 160) and possible horizontal measures appear in the Task Reports. The selection of 25 products has been developed on the basis of quantitative and qualitative criteria. Different to previous working plans, the used methodology and the overview of studied products are not available. Few stakeholders asked to make this information available.

Durability, light weighting and market surveillance have been presented as possible horizontal measures.

The revision of the Methodology for Ecodesign of Energy-related Products (MEErP) will be carried out by the Commissions’ Joint Research Centre in Seville. The project website should be available in September.

Comments and additional information

DG GROW and DG ENER will consider the energy saving impact as the foremost criteria to select products or measures. The available budget allows for preparatory studies of 25 (according to Task 2 report) to 30 products.

The revision of existing regulations will automatically be included.

Up to now, the MEErP relies on the Ecoreport tool that provides for a quick simplified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that basically analyses resources, waste, and emissions to air and water. The revision of the MEErP will consider the LCA, but not necessarily according to the ISO 14000 series.


As mentioned in the introduction, it is possible that the Working Plan will already be finalised by October. This will largely depend on the objectives of the Commission Cabinets (at least 4 – Energy & Climate, Environment, Internal Market, Justice) that have different ideas about the contents of the Working Plan that fit with the Green Deal.

Formal timing:

  • 21 August 2020: Deadline to submit written comments on draft Task 2 and Task 3 reports
  • September 2020: Publication of draft Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3
  • October 2020: Publication of final Tasks 1, Task 2 and Task 3 reports and draft Task 4
  • November 2020: Second stakeholder meeting
  • December 2020: Final study report

Air Curtains and Cooling Towers

On 15 May 2020, Eurovent had provided the consortium with detailed supporting documents to consider these two product segments in the Working Plan. Both appeared to have escaped the attention of the consortium, notwithstanding oral follow-up. Air Curtains did finally (after 25 June) make it into the Task reports. The proposal to include Cooling Towers will be made anew by Eurovent before 21 August.

Recommended Actions

Eurovent will continue to accompany the Working Plan study and to advocate for the inclusion of Air Curtains and Cooling Towers.

The ongoing and future revisions of regulations will continue.

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  • GEN – 1103.00 – Announcement Working Plan
  • GEN – 1132.00 – Previous update Working Plan
  • Project website: https://www.ecodesignworkingplan20-24.eu/documents (contains the Task reports as well as the slides and video and audio recording of the first stakeholder meeting)


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