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CEN-CENELEC (GEN – 1134.00)

05 July 2020

4 min read

CEN-CENELEC (GEN – 1134.00)

05 July 2020

4 min read

GEN – 1134.00. The CEN-CENELEC Boards meet at regular intervals. In the GEN document below, Eurovent members can read the abstracts of the main outcomes of crosscutting nature discussed in the single-BT and common meetings, as well as of the latest decisions of transversal nature that are relevant to Eurovent.

CEN-CENELEC strategy 2030

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the CEN and CENELEC Administrative Boards have agreed on a revised timeline for the CEN and CENELEC Strategy 2030, postponing the exercise by 6 months. The final document should be validated during the General Assemblies of November 2020.

Processes and procedures

CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations Part 2 (IR2) – New edition

The BTs endorsed the new edition of the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations – Part 2, which were revised to align them with decisions taken by the CEN and CENELEC Technical Boards since the last edition published in 2018.

The main changes, compared to the previous edition, relate to i.e. clarification of the procedure for the creation of CEN-CENELEC joint TCs, addition of two cases to Clause 6.1.4 requiring weighted majority, revised deadlines for the circulation of documents related to Technical Board meetings, revision of Annex D (weighting associated to the population). Another major change relates to the counting of votes for BSI, which is considered as a Member from a non-EEA country as of 2020-07-01. Furthermore, the full text has been revised to be gender neutral.

Flexible standards development process

Since 1 April 2020, in view of optimizing the development process of Standards and their time to market, a new Flexible standards development process has been implemented, where the TCs are empowered to autonomously plan and organize their work within a maximum timeframe.

Translation prior to Formal Vote stage

The BTs decided to:

  • Include a 5-week translation period prior to Formal Vote for homegrown ENs and ENs under Vienna Agreement with CEN lead, instead of having it during Formal Vote
  • Consider the 5-week translation period as an additional separate stage to the development time, thus not affecting the time for technical bodies’ work
  • Apply this translation period to all drafts submitted to CCMC for Formal Vote as of 1 July 2020

CEN-CENELEC Joint Technical Committees (JTC)

Given the increasing number of cross-sectoral topics in standardization requiring the establishment of JTCs, the Technical Boards took a series of decisions to guarantee a coherent approach relating to the operational aspects related to their way of working.

CEN-CENELEC coordination on horizontal topics

Use conditions in Standards

CEN-CLC/BTWG 15 ‘Use conditions in Standards’ has been set up and tasked to prepare some guidance on Use conditions in Standards (intended use, -reasonably foreseeable- misuse, reasonably foreseeable use, etc.), building on and complementing the current definitions of ISO-IEC Guide 51:2014 ‘Safety aspects – Guidelines for their inclusion in standards’. The work will also take into account the interpretations used in the European Regulatory framework.

The BTs invited the Members, TCs and Partners organizations to appoint their representatives in this BTWG.


Considering the global and European environmental challenges and policy trends over the past years (e.g. Circular Economy, Green Deal and Sustainable Development Goals) the BTs confirmed the urgent need to tackle environmental issues in a more horizontal approach.

Therefore, the former CEN/BTWG 219 was converted into a CEN-CENELEC group i.e. CEN-CLC/BTWG 16 ‘Strategic Advisory Body on Environment’ (SABE), who will provide BTs with strategic advice on Environmental matters related to standardisation and support TCs for incorporating environmental aspects in the standards they are developing.

Contact person: Ms Andrea Nam (anam@cencenelec.eu)

CEN & CENELEC support to the Recovery Plan for Europe

CEN & CENELEC input to the Annual Union Work Programme (AUWP) for Standardisation – 14 Ecosystems

In the frame of the Recovery Plan for Europe, the European Commission is adapting the draft 2021 Annual Union Work Programme for Standardisation to reflect the priorities for industrial recovery. So far 14 priority industrial areas, so-called ‘Ecosystems’ have been identified: tourism, cultural industries, space and defence, textiles, electronics, smart and sustainable mobility, low-carbon energy intensive industries, renewable energy, agri-food, smart health, digital industries, construction, retail, and local life.

CEN and CENELEC have been invited to assess how standardization can contribute to this 14 Ecosystems and provide policy and technical input to the European Commission. The deadline set by the Commission for providing such information is very tight: before the summer.

This would be an opportunity for standardisation to show its added-value in support of Europe’s recovery post COVID-19 and link with top policy priorities.

To this purpose a consultation was issued on 2020-06-04 among the Technical Boards and the Technical Committees, who were invited to identify ongoing and future activities in support of the 14 Ecosystems.

CEN & CENELEC contribution to the Twin Transition

I.e. Green and Digital transition to ensure resilience-building and leading European economy.

In addition to the above-mentioned 14 Ecosystems, the European Commission has identified specific areas where standardization activities could have a key role, such as Digital transition, Climate neutrality, Circular economy, Innovation skills.

Again, CEN and CENELEC have been invited to inform the EC on their strategic priorities in the identified areas, and this by the end of July at the latest.

Global Outreach Report

The latest edition of the CEN and CENELEC Global Outreach Report has been published. This report provides a summary of CEN and CENELEC’s level of harmonisation with ISO and IEC, their partnerships outside Europe, as well as the adoptions of CEN and CENELEC standards around the world, including evolutions and trends.

Recommended Actions

The above information is relevant to the participants in CEN and CENELEC TCs.

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