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Press Release

Schmidt and Caesar to chair PG-FIL for next term

29 May 2023

2 min read
Press Release

Schmidt and Caesar to chair PG-FIL for next term

29 May 2023

2 min read

Brussels, 30 May 2023. The Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’ (PG-FIL) has re-elected Marc Schmidt (AAF) as its Chairman and Thomas Caesar (Freudenberg Filtration Technologies) as its Vice-Chairman during the group’s last meeting in Prague.

The Eurovent PG-FIL participants have re-elected Marc Schmidt as the group’s Chairman during its meeting in Prague on 04 May 2023. Marc will be supported by Thomas Caesar, who has been re-elected as the group’s Vice-Chairman positively taking up his third term as the Vice-Chairman of the group. Marc Schmidt continues to serve his second term following his previous election on 29 September 2020. Both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman who were unanimously re-elected, have extensive experience and knowledge in the filtration sector as well as in Eurovent, and will continue their roles for the next two years.

Marc Schmidt, Vice President Technologies Europe (AAF), stated after the meeting: “Thank you to all participants for re-electing me as Chairman of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’. It is my pleasure and honour to chair such a knowledgeable and productive group. Special thanks to the group Secretary Igor Sikonczyk for preparing the meeting.”

In relation to the future prospects of the group, Marc added that: “We aim to further promote the growing public awareness of the value of clean air, for example through our ongoing social media Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) campaign. In addition, we are discussing how absorption filters can be used sensibly to increase IAQ. Another important topic is Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for air filters. This means that in the future, air filters will not only be considered in terms of their filter performance and energy efficiency, but also from a sustainability perspective.”

Thomas Caesar, Vice President Global Filter Engineering Industrial (Freudenberg) inferred that: “It was a very productive meeting at a very nice location, and it was great to meet the group again. Many thanks to the participants for re-electing me. It will be my honour to serve the Product Group as its Vice Chairman for another term.”

Thomas further clarified that: “Air filtration is an important technology to achieve the United Nations sustainability goals. It ensures good indoor air quality by filtering harmful aerosols or gases out of the air. This has a significant impact on the health and well-being of people. By cleaning the air in schools, children can concentrate well and learn. We protect our environment by cleaning the exhaust air from industrial processes and buildings. These are just some of many examples of how air filtration improves the quality of life. In the next term, we want to promote air filtration as the technology that carries sustainability in its DNA.”

The Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’ covers air filters and its related products. It often acts in cooperation with other Eurovent Product Groups that cover products which integrate air filters. It is supported by the Eurovent Member Associations on a national level. The Group’s key tasks involve advocacy on European and national legislation, development of EN, ISO and Eurovent standardisation and general promotion of the industry and its export initiatives.

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