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Position Paper

PP – 2021-03-19 – Eurovent Position Paper on the Review of the EPBD


Position Paper

PP – 2021-03-19 – Eurovent Position Paper on the Review of the EPBD



Eurovent strongly supports policy option 3 to inscribe the ambition of the Renovation Wave initiative into legislation. The review should also focus on mainstreaming indoor environmental quality (IEQ) considerations into the Directive, for which a dedicated stakeholder workshop on IEQ should be convened. Eurovent makes the following specific suggestions for improvement:

  • Better implement and enforce the requirements on long-term renovation strategies.
  • Revisit the flexibility allowed for transposition, converge towards harmonised models.
  • Introduce EU-wide Minimum Energy Performance Standards.
  • Align the Ecodesign framework and the EPBD.
  • Add IEQ aspects to technical building system requirements.
  • Make access to funds for building renovation conditional upon IEQ criteria.
  • Improve the EPC framework and include mandatory IEQ and SRI indicators in the EPC.
  • Mandate the inspection of ventilation systems, add IEQ aspects to all inspections.
  • Include information requirements related to IEQ.
  • Make air quality objectives explicit in the review.

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