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Review of F-Gas Regulation (GEN – 1231.00)

03 May 2021

1 min read
European Policy

Review of F-Gas Regulation (GEN – 1231.00)

03 May 2021

1 min read

GEN – 1231.00. The Briefing Paper announced in GEN – 1229.00 was released on Friday, 30 April. The 40-page paper provides the preliminary findings from the study to support the evaluation of the Regulation and lists initial possible policy options.

Stakeholder meeting 06 May 2021

Because the deadline is very tight, Eurovent has provided its Task Force ‘F-Gas’ (TF-FGAS) and the four concerned Product Groups (PG-AC, PG-LCP-HP, PG-RDC, PG-RT) with a copy of the Briefing Paper requesting input, at very short notice by 04 May 2021.

Time for further input

It is expected that there will be only a very short time to provide comments and suggestions after the stakeholder meeting before in isolation the legislative proposal will be developed.

Recommended actions

All manufacturers using refrigerants (F-Gases and refrigerants not covered by the F-Gas Regulation) are recommended to read the Briefing Paper. It is pointed out that just 13 Member State competent authorities have contributed to the study. Together with the policy options listed the view of these Member States may provide a pointer for possible future policy development.

TF-FGAS will collect input from concerned Product Groups and accompany the EPEE F-Gas Industry Gathering meetings.

Member Associations are recommended to contact the national authorities that have contributed to the study.

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