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BIM news by PRODBIM and Eurovent (GEN – 1072.00)

12 November 2019

6 min read
Information bulletin

BIM news by PRODBIM and Eurovent (GEN – 1072.00)

12 November 2019

6 min read

GEN – 1072.00. The teams of Eurovent and PRODBIM have prepared an article for members on recent developments in Building Information Modelling (BIM) CEN TC442 standardisation activities and construction product information digitisation. PRODBIM, a subsidiary of Eurovent Services Company, is participating to CEN TC442 & BuildingSMART working groups, and is compiling a summary of the CEN TC 442 as well as ISO TC 59 SC13 works on BIM standardisation.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital collaborative process, where different actors in Architecture/Engineering/Construction and Building can simultaneously share 3D models of building projects, and information on the objects within.


BuildingSMART International is the association of reference for BIM ‘pre-standardisation’. Alongside its 19 national chapters, BuildingSMART acts for the BIM standardisation convergence. PRODBIM is one of the BuildingSMART members.

Within BuildingSMART International, members can participate to one of the 8 ‘Rooms’. Each Room gathers certain shared interest of the construction industry market such as Airport, Building, Railway, etc. PRODBIM participates in and recommends joining the ‘Product Room’. The purpose of the Product Room (https://www.buildingsmart.org/standards/rooms/product/) is the development and provision of processes, templates, tools and functionalities to enable the robust and efficient use of product data, relevant third-party standards, classification systems and other forms of structured content for openBIM. Discussions on data dictionary, product data template and classifications take place in the Product Room.

BuildingSMART Product Room

International Standardisation Committees

The international BIM standardisation activities are developed at global level in the ISO TC59/SC13, and at European level in the CEN TC442. According to the Vienna Agreement, the related standards can be developed at ISO level and then easily transferred to CEN level and vice-versa.

AV*= Vienna Agreement

Relations between BIM standardisation Committees (Source: FdR PTNB, Souheil Soubra)

ISO and CEN Working Groups

The ISO and CEN Working Groups working on BIM are listed below:

Overview of the ongoing WIs at ISO and CEN level

Relevant recent works in progress impacting the HVACR products have been selected and are reproduced in the tables below. They concern both the ISO and CEN perimeter with BIM, objects, product data, information exchange, and libraries.

ISO TC 59 SC13

WG 6

ISO 12006-3:2007

Dictionary IT structure specification [revision]


Scope: Define an IT structure for a data dictionary. It is being reviewed to take into account improving of BIM maturity and new BIM use cases around data dictionaries. Today, closest application from this standard is the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bsDD).

WG 11

ISO 16757-1:2015

Define a data catalogue structure [ISO – CEN]


Scope: This serial of norms is coming from VDI 3805 standards, dealing with BIM and digital product catalogue. For now, only general standards on catalogue structure – part 1 and part 2 (2016) – are ISO and CEN approved. The following should at least be integrated as a context in a data dictionary (e.g. bsDD).

JWG 12

ISO 16739:2018

IFC format for open BIM [updated]


Scope: Today, IFC is a format to exchange information and also a dictionary of properties. Last update of this standard brings some new type of entities, e.g. some new product families. It especially improved the HVAC domain. In the future, properties should be defined in a dedicated open data dictionary in order to be more flexible and agnostic.

Draft doc N35

Governance of ISO 16739 standard(s)


Scope: Official document to formalise the relation between pre-normalisation association BuildingSMART International and ISO TC59 SC13 normalisation institution. This is mainly due to increasing use of IFC format and thus to the major importance it takes to maintain and update this standard.


CEN TC 442

WG 2

prEN 17412

Methodology Level of Information Need (LOIN)


Scope: Structure request for information. Set a methodology more precise than Level of Detail (LOD) that can take into account project specific needs.

PWI 00442009

Exchange structure for product data templates


Scope: It is a specialisation from IFC norm to manage Building product information exchange, constraints, search (request), etc. This work item is developed within CEN TC 442- WG2 TG3. It should become the part 2 of ‘IFC series of norms’: ISO 16739-2.

WG 4

prEN ISO 23386

Create and maintain a data dictionary


Scope: Defines process to create and update a data dictionary (= list of properties), based on experts’ validation. Defines also definition of a property:

Main purposes are to allow inter-connection between data dictionaries based on ISO12006-3 and to improve content quality via governance workflows.

prEN ISO 23387

Structure properties via Product Data Template


Scope: Defines a structure to group properties under generic model also called Product Data Template (PDT). The proposed structure is based on open BIM standard for dictionary (ISO12006-3) and IFC exchange format (ISO 16739). Harmonize PDT structure aims to facilitate use of BIM product data before selection from manufacturer catalogue.

WI 442008

Product Data Template (PDT) based on CPR


Scope: Specific use of PDT from prEN ISO 23387 applied to Construction Product Regulation (CPR). In other terms, this standard purpose is to translate a European regulatory text into digital generic objects.


Currently, standardisation committees related to BIM are very dynamic. This significative involvement from construction industry expresses a need for harmonisation to get full benefits from BIM collaboration. There are two levels of harmonisation:

  • For container: Data dictionary and classification to structure properties, etc.
  • For content: Exchange format, set of information based on needs, etc.

About perspective, an agnostic referential, reliable for all players involved trough the building life cycle seems to be utopic for the moment. This is why some major players are working on their own dictionary, thus on their own language to define products they are working with. It is possible to point out two major observations/wishes:

  • All those ‘referentials’ should be created, maintained and used according to above standards in order be interconnected and to guarantee a level of quality for the final user of the information.
  • A relevant evolution would be a convergence trades by trades of data dictionaries (or classifications). Indeed, an approach by domain, with pragmatic expert oriented would be more realistic than a global unique dictionary. For instance, the idea is to bring HVACR initiatives and thus experts closer to define how to describe their product and avoid increasing divergent projects.

Recommended Actions

Eurovent members are encouraged to carefully look at what is going on at the standardisation levels and provide the Eurovent Secretariat with relevant information.


In the context of the construction sector’s ongoing digital transformation, the HVACR industry finds itself increasingly impacted by BIM (Building Information Modelling). Manufacturers are challenged to comply with new BIM standards and working methods. The objective of PRODBIM is to support manufacturers in making effective use of the constantly evolving BIM market.

PRODBIM is an initiative driven by Eurovent Services Company, which will deliver a dedicated database online service to assist the set-up of manufacturers’ product data into a coherent PIM, fully usable for BIM market and multi-country codes. The company also provides EPREL services to manufacturers.

PRODBIM is involved in the work of CEN TC442, specifically in WG2 and WG4 on products, and a member of BuildingSMART to follow the developments.

Partner of

PRODBIM invites any interested HVACR manufacturers to participate in the ‘BIM HVAC Product Database for Manufacturers’ Committees to harmonise the product properties.

Thanks to participating in these committees, divided in product families, manufacturers will have the opportunity to define and influence the BIM content of their products. They will acquire knowledge on the updates on the product dictionaries and BIM formats evolutions, by country priorities and projects in Europe.

For detailed information, please contact:

Mr Vincent Henault
Project Director, PRODBIM
+33 6 30 14 45 50

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