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The Board Perspective: Ozan Atasoy

12 August 2022

2 min read

The Board Perspective: Ozan Atasoy

12 August 2022

2 min read

The Eurovent Board Member Ozan Atasoy, General Manager at AiolosAir has been on the Eurovent Board of Directors since 2021. He gives us his viewpoint in our ‘The Board Perspective’ series, on the prospects and markets of the Turkish HVACR sector.

Ozan has more than 25 years’ experience in the Turkish HVACR sector with a Mechanical Engineering and an MBA degree from Istanbul Technical University. He is also former President of Turkish Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association (ISKID), which is a Eurovent Member Association. For our ‘The Board Perspective’ series, the Eurovent Team had a few intriguing questions for him about the Turkish HVACR sector and his involvement in Eurovent.

Since your involvement with Eurovent, what do you think has been its great achievement and what matters of concern do you think should be tackled?

When I first got involved in Eurovent in 2021, the world was going through the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, I was wondering how this association, which represents a large number of European HVAC manufacturers could sustain its activities in such difficult times. I however realised how the professionals the association is comprised of dedicate themselves to handle the operation smoothly and without any interruptions. Of course, the digitalisation of Eurovent’s infrastructure helped a lot during this time.

As a European based association, Eurovent’s role consists of ensuring cooperation between members to increase awareness of sustainability, climate change, energy efficiency, global warming and related topics that affect human life and nature. We have the responsibility in the HVAC sector to comply with the new related regulations. Eurovent has the privilege to support its members preparation for this conversion.

What is the current status and the future prospects of the HVAC sector in the Turkish market?

HVAC sector in Türkiye has developed a lot in the past 20 years. After Türkiye started converting its regulations to comply with EN standards, the Turkish manufacturers have adopted their product standards accordingly. In parallel, many European companies have started cooperating with Turkish HVAC companies and some of them make direct investments in Türkiye. The Turkish HVAC manufacturers have become reliable partners to European HVAC companies and both parties have the benefit of increasing trade and partnership.

According to Türkiye’s strategic roadmap, HVAC manufacturers with guidance of Turkish HVAC associations, have increased their efforts in preparation for Building Information Management (BIM), F-Gas regulations and Ecodesign regulations. To sustain the HVAC business, new designs and products are greatly needed. Although awareness for energy efficient products increased a lot in Türkiye, we still have a long way to cover. In parallel with the acceptance of new Ecodesign regulations in Türkiye, companies have started launching new Eco-friendly products. This opens new gates for innovations.


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Press Release

17 August 2022
The Turkish HVACR Exporters’ Association (ISIB) has become an official BridgeBuilding Contributor (sponsor) of the 2022 Eurovent Summit taking place from 25 to 28 October in Antalya, Türkiye.
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