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Eurovent Market Intelligence publishes study on COVID-19 impact on HVACR industry

05 October 2020

1 min read
2020 - EMI COVID-19 report

Eurovent Market Intelligence publishes study on COVID-19 impact on HVACR industry

05 October 2020

1 min read

As announced earlier this year, Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI) has published a report focused on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the European HVACR market. The 93-page study provides a market forecast for 2020-2023 based on product type, country, application and project type. A sample of the report is attached to this article and the full study can be obtained from EMI.

The special report is based on several sources:

  • Survey carried out among more than 100 HVACR manufacturers, including data on cancelled orders, new orders, order books and business restart
  • Quarterly statistical database of the standard EMI data collection
  • Analysis of the macroeconomic situation by country and by industry/application
  • Interviews with professionals in the HVACR sector

A sample of the report can be found attached to this article. The full 93-page study with more detailed information including charts, qualitative comments and trends is available for purchase. Report pricing:

  • Free of charge: Survey respondents that also participate in the EMI collections
  • 2.500 EUR (excl. VAT): Survey respondents that do not participate in the EMI collections
  • 6.000 EUR (excl. VAT): Non-respondents

For more information on purchase or other issues, contact Eurovent Market Intelligence via statistics@eurovent-marketintelligence.eu.

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